Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is an outpatient dental procedure performed by Dr. Johnson. In some cases, an extraction may be necessary to preserve or improve your dental health. Some reasons for tooth extraction include:

Having a Tooth Pulled

When you undergo a tooth extraction, Dr. Johnson will numb the area with a local anesthetic. He might also give you an anti-anxiety medication or an intravenous sedative. If the extraction involves an impacted tooth, it may be broken into pieces before it can be removed. Pulling teeth can either be simple or surgical. Here’s what to expect from each extraction type:

Simple extraction involves removal of a visible tooth. The tooth may be badly damaged or decayed or must be removed prior to getting braces. For a simple tooth extraction, you will receive local anesthesia and/or anti-anxiety medication or conscious sedation.

Surgical extraction involves a procedure to remove a tooth that is not visible in the mouth, because the tooth has broken off or it has not erupted yet. You may receive prescription pain medication for use immediately after a surgical tooth extraction. Dr. Johnson will advise you about the best extraction type for you, as well as ways to control any discomfort you feel.

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