Sealants and Bonding

Sealants and Bonding

A dental sealant is temporary preventive measure, typically added in preparation for a more permanent solution. A sealant is designed to last for about a year at most. That can be useful for an adult awaiting more comprehensive dental work. A sealant will keep your teeth from decaying until you have a more permanent procedure.

The primary application for sealants is pediatric dentistry. Children often develop crevices in their molars and premolars. Since these are baby teeth that will soon fall out, they still need to last and prevent decay until they can be replaced naturally by adult teeth.

Dental bonding prevents tooth decay while improving the tooth’s aesthetic appearance. Cosmetic bonding is often performed to correct a chipped tooth, or a tooth that is slightly misshapen or misaligned. In this case, Dr. Johnson can apply a bonding resin to enhance the existing tooth.

Bonding involves applying the resin directly to the tooth. When it dries, it adheres to the tooth, filling gaps or inside holes, which makes it suitable for repairing tooth damage. Dental bonding can also be used to whiten teeth. This is often significantly more affordable than applying porcelain veneers. Because bonding is a relatively simple procedure, it’s also popular for use with children.

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