Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Sometimes it is necessary to restore your entire smile. Whether you call it full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation or restoration, the process of rebuilding or simultaneously restoring all of the teeth for any reason is the same.

Full mouth reconstruction typically involves procedures such as crowns, bridges and veneers, periodontal care (gum reshaping and surgery), orthodontics (teeth positioning and straightening) and endodontics (root canal therapy). Full mouth reconstruction may be necessary in cases where:

Dr. Erik Johnson provides full mouth reconstruction services. In those cases where the expertise of certain dental specialists is needed to get the best possible results with a complex reconstruction, Dr. Johnson will call upon the best in their respective fields. In fact, he will do whatever is in the best interests of the patient.

When you want dental care that’s fun, safe, and comfortable for your whole family, trust Erik Johnson, DMD, PC a family and cosmetic dentist in Butte, MT. Call 406.494.9300 for more information or simply use our convenient Request an Appointment form.
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