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Finding the perfect veneers for your smile

After a traditional dental exam in his Butte, MT office to confirm the health of all your underlying structures, Dr. Johnson performs a comprehensive smile analysis, using facial and teeth measurements plus other techniques to customize the appropriate-sized teeth and veneers.

Temporary veneers can be worn for up to two weeks, creating a “trial smile.” This is one of those rare instances where we can actually view and evaluate changes to your smile before the final results.

Choosing the color and brightness of your smile

Patients enjoy the exciting prospect of choosing from all the available colors, shades and shapes for a truly customized smile. The typical colors of our natural teeth have three basic dimensions:

  • Hue, the natural color (red, blue or yellow)
  • Chroma, the intensity of color
  • Value, the relative darkness or lightness

Actual teeth have a variety of these combinations. Patients can either match their existing tooth color, or “natural color,” or they can enhance their tooth color by choosing the whiteness and brightness levels. The result: You get the smile and look you really want.

Before and After

Custom Smile Design Veneers Before  Custom Smile Design Veneers After

Before                                                    After

When you want dental care that’s fun, safe and comfortable for your whole family, trust Erik Johnson, DMD, a family and cosmetic dentist in Butte, MT. Call 406.494.9300 for more information or simply use our convenient online Request An Appointment form.