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About Us


Providing a Stable, Comfortable Dental Home for You and Your Family

You and your family want and need a stable dental home here in Butte, MT, where your comfort, needs and interests are always considered first. Dr. Johnson and his staff are extremely caring, compassionate, and experienced. They always keep their patients’ needs uppermost in mind.

Their goal is to give you the best service and care for all your dental needs, and they take great pride in their growing list of satisfied patients. Whether you need a routine checkup or a more complex reconstructive dental procedure, you can rest assured you will always get the best dental care available right here in Butte, right here in Dr. Johnson’s office.

Where your comfort and peace of mind matter

Dr. Johnson’s patients actually look forward to their dental visits. They always feel safe and comfortable and cared for. They enjoy the warm, friendly, homey atmosphere permeated by light-hearted banter and laughter. Most importantly, they feel great peace of mind knowing that Dr. Johnson has the training, skill, technology, and experience to solve just about any dental problem they face.

So, if you’re searching for one-stop family dental care in Butte, MT, you’ll find it and so much more with Erik Johnson, DMD, PC. Including an ambiance well suited for adults and kids alike so that you and your family can have all your positive dental experiences in one place.

When you want dental care that’s fun, safe, and comfortable for your whole family, trust Erik Johnson, DMD, PC a family and cosmetic dentist in Butte, MT. Call 406.494.9300 for more information or simply use our convenient Request an Appointment form.
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